terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Another (simple?!) Night

I'm the first one to wake up
look around, two sleeping bodies
are quite moveless around me
just a few spasmsand a regular deep breath

That scene is so familiar
again I see that hangover face
on my semi-awake and their sleeping faces

the sun is coming in the room for hours now
but nothing seem to uncomfort them
not even my moves around the room
those which actually moves them a bit

a few sounds try to permeate the window
some make it throgh the foggy atmosphere
and finally reach my ears, but I can't recognise them
for being cutted and blent
with that regular, loud, but calming fan noise

the memories from last night
are all spread in the empy cans
roaches and ashtrays around us

the options to to drink are a few:
between them, the hot soda sitting outside the fridge since yesterday
on a close to 30º seems to be the best choice...

better at least than the two already open beer cans,
with or without ashes

nicotin in the otherhand is everywhere
only where I can see there are four closed packages of cigarretes
making me think that in the room are at least 10 of them
besides a fresh open handrolling tobacco which seems to call my name

regrets could be a good choice
I smile instead and put more grass into the pipe

surely this will be another good night
we'll still remember drinking a beer
and laugh the shit out of ourselves

quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2012

old thinkings, new madness

It's funny as we grow old
our perceptions 'bout the world
being changed

talking to someone younger
thinking about what I did considered right some years ago
now doing stuff I never tough I would
acting like I never tough I should

the perception of someone who is that age
the age I was some years ago
is now judging me for these attitudes

oh what a negatory
judgement so mandatory
self perception obligatory

the life doesn't mean the same anymore
now there's expectation
even expectators

feels like degenerating
into something that is melting
floating thru numbness

Could this be my madness?

domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Big or Small for us to relevate?

Back to the same
same friends
same stuff

everything it's back to the usual
the discussions are over now
the troubles seem so small
all that counts is our friendship
once again

if the memories were stronger could be different
but still we relevate for our moment

could we forget everything
just to be happy with ourselves once again?

for a few days that doubt came to me
but thanks for you to be
so good friends and still believe
on intentions which are free

(for those who were present at august, the 12th, 2012)

domingo, 8 de julho de 2012

colcha de retalhos

sentimentos confusos
tomando o lugar de racionalização
ideias embaralhadas
tornam-se emoções

uso um tear para a conclusão
projetos falhos
acabam-se as linhas
tomo para mim novos novelos

estes ainda novos
ainda há muito por vir
deixamos o passado
temos mesmo de ir

aproximo-me mais um pouco
da lenha queimando lentamente
estralos, fagulhas sobem aos céus
porém logo perdem seu brilho
agora só me restam cinzas

apesar de toda a agonia

desperta-te fobia

falta-me o ar
falta-me o olhar
sobram lembranças que nunca passarão

sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012


despite the effort
long life of changing
the irony still growing
past participates the breathlessness

present continues to grow illness
the mental virus is spreading faster
faster than you could have thought
and then the diversities are lost

so then we run on treadmills
with all the effort we eventually get tired
but the machine keeps pulling us back
and surely we'll all fall

what about the future?
oh the future
with all his dead burning hopes and dreams
what a beautiful  dream we have

about the development
about the enrichment
about the government
forget about enviroment

let's sign some papers and say we care
we have huge money, what matter so?

oh the world good world
forgot how to live for yourself
in effort to reach the fame
dreaming to be richer
dying to be important

living to be used

terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012

Back to the Same

After a long time
the problems are stil the same

ideas being pushed to us
another kind of feeling grows

now I'll have to understand
I have to push back
my values are not wrong...
my values are not right...
simply because such thing doesn't exist

my mind is changing all the time,
and the external world seems to remais the same
but it's changing
maybe for the best, but probably for the worst

there are some people getting rich
while populations across the world
still starve and try to survive

the men's selfish is, in general, growing
while the sense of sharing is floating away

but still I rather think of this sense as a cloud
wich is always floating and gatting bigger,
so hopefully some day
the storm will come
and the roots of the selfishness wont be so strong
and this terrible tree will be fallen to bring back the life as it should be

quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011


places, how can they change your feelings?
walking for hours to get there
first look aorund, all I can see is a great view
you´ll never get those feelings by looking at a picture

peter, joe and I, sitting on the edge of a cliff
there´s no need to be afraid despite the incredible height of it
even without any kind of safety device

a bad place to be, my mom says
a bad place to be, society says

turn around, there´s another group there too.
they are just doing the same thing we are
nothing, just being amazed by the amazing view

discover another universe
another way to live
just nature surround us

there are cows and horses anywhere I look
but then i look back to the city
what seemed so pretty seconds ago, now makes me sad.

there´s no kind of life, not even human life
just the ilusion of it.

turn back again trying to escape that terrible feeling
then I notice that this amazing place is filled with garbage
there are papers, cigarretes and every kind of packs

feeling sad again
a place with a really rare peace
is suposed to be kept that way
but that´s not how people think